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Relax!, you have found the most responsive, quality oriented and affordable company anywhere. We can help you customize any piece of cycling apparel at a great price, with no hidden fees and with no minimums.

We have created the most innovative and coolest design in cycling apparel for any size team or company. We can do it all, our digital sublimation process allows us to bring to life any design, wether it is a high resolution picture or your loved one, a landscape, a logo, or simply text, we can make it in to a brand new jersey, jackets or shorts which will become in to your favorite kit. Do not look further, it is time for you to relax and let us create that design that will be outstanding.

Some of our customers include large companies like Earnst & Young, Harley Davidson, Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, ING, the Wounded Warrior Project bt also hundreds more of small and large cycling teams and groups of cycling friends who want to get a proffesional team look.

Remember, we have no minimums, so we can create even 1 fully custom jersey just for you for as low as $75 with no extra or hidden fees. $75 gets you everything with the best materials and amazing cransfmanship. And we have lower prices for larger quantities.

Some of our jerseys Distinctive Features:

- 100% smart fabric for temperature and moisture control.

- 100% digital sublimation which ends up in a more flexible and softer fabric. It won't be as "rigid" as massly produced jerseys.

- Full zipper choice at no extra cost: Full, 3/4, Half, 1/4 and hidden zippers.

- UV ray protection fabrics, SPF 30 factor.

- Best cut to get the best fit. We provide 12 sizes per gender to accomate to more body types.

- Exclusive designs to be unique, do not wear the same jersey as the rest.

Contact us at for a detailed pricing structure or  a FREE design proposal

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Here is an interesting article which explains in detail how our fabrics are used in our sport apparel and how it benefits all athletes.
As featured in Featured at Carlos Ruiz

Advanced and technical features used on Smart Fabrics used on sport apparel UV ray SPF, Temp Control.

We have all heard about all sorts of features and technologies used in sport apparel gear but some of those seem to be a little bogus or just difficult to understand. So we contacted Sales Manager of Carlos Ruiz to understand and see with our own eyes what those advanced fabrics really do for athletes.  

“It has been a long time since cotton has not been used for pro level athletes in different sports like running or cycling. These days we used the benefits of smart fabrics like polyester, nylon and different blends to our advantage to improve comfort, increase durability and enhance performance and aesthetics” says Carlos Ruiz, sales manager for , sport apparel company which specializes in custom cycling, tri and running apparel. It is true that smart fabrics are more expensive and more difficult to work with than traditional cotton fabrics, but the final result is well worth the extra investment.  We will create a list of the unique features and properties of features uses in the apparel.

1.    UV ray protection: This is one of the most unique features: the SPF 30 factor is achieved by applying a thin layer to the fabric during the manufacturing process. It does not represent an extra weight, color or smell to the fabric, but it does save lives! We have had a lot of customer who have developed skin cancer, but using our long sleeve jerseys, it does not mean they have to give up their bikes. We have developed a test where you can see a sheet of newspaper exposed to the sun light for about 8 hours for 2 days. After that time you can see the side of the paper exposed to the sun completely yellow and tarnished. The side which had the smart fabric (polyester) with our UV ray protection fabric looks like new. This will be the same effect the sun will have on your skin.

Check the following pictures showing on the left the exposed paper to sun after only 2 days and on the right the portion covered with our special SPF30 fabric used in bike jerseys

Example of initial newspaper, on the middle our special polyester fabric with UV ray SPF30 Protection technology and finally the discolored and tarnish newspaper on the outside and whither and fresher newspaper on the inside where the fabric covered it.

For a more detail test check the complete video at


      2. Moisture and temperature control: Not all fabrics behave the same and not all polyesters are made the same. So cotton might be soft t the touch, but its is heavier and gets wet easily plus it takes much longer up to 5 times as long to get dry when compared to advanced polyester fabrics. This also means that polyester jerseys do not absorb as much moisture (water and sweat) as other fabric do, but also they once when during strenuous exercise it gets dry much faster. Also as we mentioned, not all polyester are made the same, so we use an “open” knitted polyester which allows water, moisture and sweat to be transferred thru the fabric much faster so the wet and cold feeling is minimize and also the drying time.

Check the pictures below and see how a “close” knitted polyester used by a top European manufacturer does not absorb the water droplet where an “open” knit fabric absorb the drop much faster and in to a wider area, maximizing the exposure and allowing for a faster drying.

Example of close knitted fabric on the left with no water absorption and open knit fabric used by bikingthings on the right with fast water absorption

For a more detail test check the complete video at


      3. Shape and colors on the fabrics: because the digital sublimation process is used, the colors never fade like it happens with screen printing. This ensures a good and quality exposure for any sponsor plus the comfort factor for the person who wears the piece. It will be a bad investment for a company to sponsor sport apparel piece which after a couple of washes, the quality is compromised. With the digital sublimation that is avoided; colors and shape stay true after years and even if hard chemicals like bleach is spilled to it no degradation occurs. The same is to say for the shape of the piece; while cotton looses it flexibility and original shape making the piece uncomfortable after some uses, polyester fabrics stay true, after washes, flexes and exposure to sun and harsh conditions.

     4. More flexible garment and better construction: Polyester fabrics depending on its construction and the fiber blends used can flex up to 15% of its original shape. This allows for a better construction of the garment with more panels to conform to any body type. Most sports demand an aerodynamic fit, with less drag and less flapping during exercise. This means better performance for the athlete and a much better fit and exposure for the sponsors. 

     5. Stain and Bad odor protection: Finally because of the technology and the knitting technique of polyester it prevents the fabric from getting stained. This is especially important when exercising during extreme conditions like rain, mud, or simply on the road. It also prevents bad odors from sticking to the fabric. It uses different specific materials which act like antibacterial aid, preventing the garment from getting bad smells unlike your typical cotton cap or shirts. Cotton is very likely to get stained and when wet, bacteria and bad smells trive under those conditions.

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We supply, Bike Jerseys, Custom bike jerseys, bike shirts, sleeveless custom bike jerseys, long sleeve cycling shirts, custom and affordable sublimated shirts, top quality bike jersey, digital sublimation, UV ray protection jerseys



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